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The Economist Arctic Summit, Oslo – “ The Arctic as an Alternative Transport Corridor
Arctic Business Forum, Rovaniemi – “The Future of Arctic Shipping
CBS, Copenhagen – “The Economics of Arctic Shipping”

Ramboll, Oulu – “Infrastructure and Arctic Shipping”
Arctic Circle, Reykjavik  – “The Future of Arctic Shipping: A New Silk Road for China?
Atlantic Council, Washington DC – “Arctic Climate Change”
CIRRICQ, Montreal – “An Analysis of the 2013 NSR Season”
Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø – “Arctic Infrastructure Challenges”

Georgetown University, – "The Future of Arctic Development”
Tufts University, Boston – “Arctic Hydrocarbon Resources”
Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø – “Arctic Energy Resources”

North Atlantic Shipping Association, Washington DC – “The Future of Arctic Shipping”
Egmont Institute, Brussels – “Arctic Security and the Role of China”